Protect Your Pocketbook!


First make sure you have read the section What are the Auditors Looking For?


Make sure all exams including follow up exams have the areas of Chief Complaint, History and Review of Systems entered individually.  Yes this will take longer but if you continue to use a One Click Bring Forward and get audited, you will be significantly penalized!  Can you afford a $100,000 to $200,000 penalty?


To save the doctor time, we suggest having more of the entry of this information done by the staff.  Just make sure the doctor documents on the exam, that all the information was personally reviewed.


This is a very serious problem.  Make sure you are not Cloning exam records and make sure your Interpretation and Reports are fully compliant.


If you have not been audited, contact a firm experienced in records assessment such as Nteon Practice Consultants.  An investment now to ensure you are documenting properly can save your practice hundreds of thousands of dollars.


If you have been audited do not be afraid to appeal the findings.  Nteon Practice Consultants has been successful in appealing negative findings. A Post Audit study can result in your recovering most or the entire penalty!