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Insurance Audits - What you need to know

Your Risk of an Insurance Audit. All payers are conducting more audits.  The auditors cherry pick records before they start your audit.  This ensures they collect as much money as possible.  This is how, according to the auditors, they fail over 90% of practices audited!   The typical Solo-Practitioner penalties are $150,000 to $250,000!
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Protect You and Your Practice. The best protection from failing an insurance audit is having a Preventative Audit prior to being audited by insurance. 
No one has more experience with insurance audits than Nteon Practice Consultants

We have helped practices across the country with our Preventative Audits.   We carefully analyze their records and work with them until their records are compliant.  This enables them to avoid failing an insurance audit
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Already Lost an Insurance Audit?  We sincerely hope this is not your situation.  However, we continually hear from practices that were audited and failed.  While much of what the auditors have found is a problem, The auditors frequently make mistakes.  NPC has successfully won appeals reversing much of the penalty and in many cases reversing the entire penalty!
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We Know What The Auditors Are Looking For

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